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Leveraging our expertise as great builders to build a brighter future.


Our success relies on the strength of our team.


Environmentally responsible construction, value-added green solutions and sustainable business practices.


Legal & Ethical Business Practices: “Through teamwork, we do the right thing to make it happen!”

About Forrester Construction

We are thrilled that you have visited our blog site.  You may be one of the many people who are interested in construction, thinking about entering the construction industry, are gaining experience in construction, or have questions about general industry topics. As a general contractor working in the Washington metropolitan area, we are excited to share our passion with you! The blog posts on this website will explore many general industry topics including information on construction roles, safety tips, sustainable building, construction technology, innovative methods, and more! Would you like us to address a specific topic? Click here to share your idea or suggest a subject.

Below is a little bit more about us. You can learn more about our services, award-winning projects, joining our team, and more on our main website. Check out the News section to stay up to date on completed projects, awards, and more!

Located in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area, Forrester Construction is a locally-owned general contractor and leader in the market, providing award-winning construction management, design-build, and preconstruction services throughout the region. Founded in 1988, Forrester operates in six key markets, offering contracting and construction services for the public sector, healthcare, education, commercial, cultural, and science and technology areas. 

At Forrester Construction, the team knows that what sets a great project apart from a good one is the expertise of the team and the execution of the plan. By operating on a comprehensive set of core skills, the Forrester team is able to provide efficient project delivery and construction excellence time and time again.

Sustainability is also a core part of how Forrester Construction operates and an area where we are constantly improving. Our commitment to serving our clients while also creating high-performance green facilities has helped the Forrester team complete seven LEED Platinum projects and 63 LEED Certified projects. As a business, Forrester believes in taking a holistic approach to environmentally responsible business practices, using recycled and sustainable materials whenever possible, and offering training that exceeds simply what’s required. 

The Forrester Construction team has received more than 280 industry awards for outstanding service and excellence. We also have two dozen ABC National Excellence in Construction Awards, 14 STEP Safety Awards, and two National Safety Excellence Awards. 

In order to operate as a successful business, the Forrester Construction team knows that one must always be growing, building, and innovating. This mentality has helped us deliver consistently high-quality results while also maintaining lasting relationships with our subcontractors and adding lasting value for our clients. It’s no surprise that the Forrester team maintains a high percentage of long-term subcontracting partners as well as repeat clients.

Alongside being a great contracting company, Forrester Construction is also a wonderful place to build your career while building award-winning structures and lasting professional relationships. Named on the 2017, 2018, and 2019 Washington Business Journal’s Best Places to Work lists, at Forrester, we don’t just work together – we create together. With each new and exciting project, we are faced with complex challenges to solve and opportunities to innovate and deliver the highest quality end result. As a team, we celebrate our shared successes, applaud milestones, and always work to benefit the community. 

Visit our main Forrester Construction website, and be sure to check out our blog page for the latest updates and information from Forrester!